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Immaculate Conception Parish

The Church of Immaculada Concepcion in Baclayon is considered to be one of the oldest in the Philippines. Construction began in 1717 where some 200 native forced laborers (obras pias) cut and dragged coral blocks from the sea, using only bamboos in moving and lifting the stones in position. Millions of white eggs were said to have been used as cement. The current building was completed in 1727.

The Church of the Our Lady of the Immaculate Concepcion in Baclayon town is considered as one of the best preserved Jesuit-built churchesin the region. It is one of the best presevered Jesuit build churchesin the region, although in the 19th century, the Augustinian Recollects added a modern facade and a number of stone buildings that now surround the church.

Baclayon is some 6 km east of Tagbilaran City. Catch a bus or jeepneyin Tagbilaran, going into the direction of Baclayon. You may also find a tricycle willing to bring you there.

Immaculate Conception Parish, Poblacion, Baclayon, Bohol, 6301, Philippines
Baclayon Bohol 6301 Philippines

Hours of operation:
Monday to Sunday
08:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Except Tuesday (Office is closed)

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